At B&W Instrumentation and Electrical, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important business priority, with CSR projects selected on the basis of social need and the extent to which they are aligned with our business and can add value to our clients and our host communities.

Therefore, our policy is to identify worthy Social Economic Development (SED) projects in the areas in which we work, within and beyond the borders of South Africa, with beneficiaries coming from local communities.

Local benefits include employment and training, providing support to local schools in the electrification of classrooms, refurbishment and at times supporting charitable organisations. In Tete, Mozambique, a local school’s electricity was upgraded and lighting installed on the sports field. In addition, four accommodation units were refurbished and given to the local community for housing.

Where applicable, B&W supplies  socio-economic development employees with free accommodation, meals and transport from site back to their community areas. In addition, training and development programmes are extended to the local communities to ensure sustainable  employment opportunities once a project is concluded.       

B&W was a member of the Business Trust at its inception in 1999 to help create jobs while enhancing co-operative relationships between business and government. The Trust combines the resources of business and government in areas of common interest to accelerate the achievement of national objectives, such as supporting priority growth sectors, combating poverty through community investment and building capacity through focusing on infrastructure and skills development.

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