B&W Instrumentation and Electrical views transformation in South Africa as a moral and business imperative.

Our commitment to true Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) can be measured against our Level 4 Contributor status in terms of South Africa’s Department of Trade & Industry’s BBBEE Codes of Good Practice.

Our directors continually monitor progress against transformation objectives, supported by our Social & Ethics Committee. We continually seek initiatives to better our scorecard, without detracting from stakeholder value over the long-term.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is further evident in the skills development and career development opportunities available for all our people. An Employee Trust established in September 2006 owned a 7% in the company (now the equivalent shareholding in the ELB Group), benefitting employees with more than four years uninterrupted service, with an emphasis on staff from previously disadvantaged backgrounds (75 % of benefits).

To enhance and accelerate development of management skill, suitable candidates are identified as part of the succession planning programme to undergo management development training and staff from previously disadvantaged backgrounds are prioritised wherever viable.

Our procurement strategies aim to make a real impact on the local economy through promotion of Black-owned companies. Accordingly, 100 % of client spend can be counted as spend with a BBBEE company.


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